Aug Stone

Latest Writing

"Little Universes: An Interview with Roman Muradov" - I love Roman's work. It's lovely, incredibly stylish and inventive, and you never know where it's going next. We had a very interesting conversation for The Comics Journal about books, art, life, and The Fall. 

"Martin Newell's 'The Greatest Living Englishman' 25 Years On" -  I spoke with Martin Newell, Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory, and Humbug label boss Kevin Crace about how they all came together to make this 1993 lo-fi classic. This is one of my favourite pieces that I've ever written. A great subject and everyone was a pleasure to speak with, full of stories and very generous with their time. 

"Vantra Eden - The Healthiest Restaurant In London?" - I had a great talk with Phun, Vantra's owner, about his philosophy of life and eating for the Happy Cow site. I very much enjoyed writing this, the food there is delicious and Phun was very generous with his time.

"Drawn From Life: The Archies - Alex Segura and Joe Eisma on the New Comic Book Series" - I interviewed 2/3 of The Archies team about the new series which has CHVRCHES making a guest appearance in issue #3. This piece originally appeared in Under The Radar's Fall 2017 issue.