New Pieces:

'We Need Voices': Gerard Way on His DC Comics Imprint 'Young Animal', Music, and Making Art To Make A Difference (for Under The Radar)

I spoke with Martin Newell about his 'Little French Blue', one of my Top 3 Songs of 2015 (for The Quietus)

'The Comet Of Chaland' (for the Humanoids blog) - There isn't much information available in English on the excellent French comics artist, Yves Chaland, who died far too young at the age of 33 back in 1990. I decided to rectify this and spoke to Hanco Kolk, Joost Swarte, Luc Cornillon, Didier Pasamonik, and Bruno Lecigne to give a picture of his life and work.

Select Pieces:

Tongue Of The Dragon: A Look At Welsh-Language Outsider Pop (for The Quietus)

The Curious Case Of Colonel Sun: Kingsley Amis' Missing Bond Novel (for The Quietus)

King Of Songs: Steve Kilbey's Tarot Deck (for Red Bull Music Academy)

Sort Out Your Psyche!: Mikey Georgeson Discusses The Civilised Scene (for The Quietus) - one of my favourite songwriters and a fascinating conversation about the unconscious and creativity

The Fall And Rise Of Martin Newell And The Cleaners From Venus (for The Quietus) - another of my favourite songwriters. I was very pleased - after discovering the Cleaners the summer before during a bout of insomnia surfing the blogs for new music at 3 AM - to be able to write an account of Martin's work-to-date, finally starting to be recognized with the Captured Tracks re-releases and help to introduce him to a wider audience.

A Righteous Tale: My Review of Julian Cope's 'One Three One' novel (for The Quietus)

Psychedelic Brilliance: The Teardrop Explodes' Marvelous Origin Story (for The Quietus) - chatting to the band members about that issue of 'Daredevil' where they found their band name

'Must...Remember....': 40 Years of Humanoids (for The Quietus) - a look at the company that brought us 'The Incal', and so much more...

Aug Stone