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‘Young Southpaw serves up something strange with Bat Soup Comedy’. Great piece about me on Vanyaland!

‘Free Speech Zone’ – great review of my BAT SOUP II comedy night by Dan Mims in Daily Nutmeg.  “I realized I was loving every second of the insane human tornado that was the second edition of the Bat Soup comedy series.”

‘Meet Young Southpaw, a shade-wearing, surreal, stream-of-consciousness, stand-up guy’, Cover Story in the July 11th CT Now by Christopher Arnott

CT Post feature on Young Southpaw, June 28th by Daphne Saloomey



Young Southpaw, The Man Behind “At The Movies” Talks About Stuff at popbollocks



Interview with PennyBlackMusic about Aug Stone & The Love Conspiracy. 

Great review of the Aug Stone & The Love Conspiracy single from the excellently named When You Motor Away blog. “swoon over that glorious dose of ’60s-style elegant pop”



An interview I did with AmeriCymru about all the fantastic Welsh music I’ve been hearing the past couple of years.


The Soft Close-Ups interview with Pennyblack Music.


H Bird interview with Pennyblack Music.


“The Entertaining Mr. Stone” – H Bird interview with The Von Pip Musical Express.
“H Bird have recently released their début album ‘Operation: Fascination’ via Corporate records– it’s an eleven part pop opus that weaves it’s way through misty-eyed love, accidental romance, heartbroken comedowns, wistful nostalgia and looks toward brighter tomorrows spent dancing under the stars. Inspired by James Bond, The Avengers, Martinis, Guinness, Brit pop and Gin, ‘Operation Fascination’ is filled with bitter sweet, perfect pop tunes of the kind that haven’t been heard since the likes of St. Etienne graced the stage. And it’s music that is deserving of your time, an album whose subtleties and eloquence are revealed more fully if it’s given your full attention. Pour a Martini, don a smoking jacket (or a cat suit, possibly both) and experience the literate bitter sweet pop that is ‘Operation Fascination’.”


Lovely review of H Bird’s ‘Pink Lights & Champagne’/’Dear Dead Days’ single from Tangents
“H Bird meanwhile hail from somewhere near the sun, and their ‘Pink Lights and Champagne’ has been available as a free download from Dogbox records for a good few weeks now. It’s a gorgeous synthesiser led piece recorded with Ian Catt of St Etienne and Field Mice fame, and that really ought to give you a clue as to what it sounds like. Throw in the fact that Kate Dornan of Fosca and Scarlet’s Well is the voice and hey, I hope you can guess it sounds pretty special. It reminds me of dancing the night away in darkened rooms at the start of the ’90s to groups like Golden, dreaming of glamour and stolen kisses. That, and catching the last bus home, blinking through an alcohol mist and feeling the ghosts of beautiful fingers entwined.”