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A cascading cavalcade of pop culture, turned up to 11.


Unique and interesting conversations with some of my favourite musicians, writers, artists, and performers – Mat Osman (Suede), Greg Proops, Steve Kilbey (The Church), Hedvid Mollestad (two shows), John Higgs, Fightmilk, Kieron Gillen, Dave Hill, Carla Easton, Martin Atkins, The Catenary Wires, Martin Newell, Louis Philippe, Stephen Coates (The Real Tuesday Weld), Hanco Kolk, Mikey Georgeson, Steve Aylett, Rian Hughes, Kevin Crace telling the Humbug Records story, John Andrew Fredrick (two shows), Anton Barbeau, Desperate Journalist, Lily Rae, Henry Kaiser, David Ryder Prangley, The Indelicates, Reggie Chamberlain-King & Brian Showers, Whitney Matheson, Jeremy Allen, Andrew Shaw (two shows), Peter Bebergal, The Lodger, High On Stress, Mark Reeder, Mark Monnone, Peter Coviello, The Speedways, Paul Kilmer, Bo Butler, Rob Crean, and Nick Grunerud.