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The Oxford Dons


In September 2009, I’m at London’s Black Plastic club wearing my new white blazer with thin red and blues stripes. Jamie Manners is clad in a tweed jacket with sweater and bowtie underneath. Early in the evening our friend Pippa says to us “Aug, you look like something out of Miami Vice. And Jamie you look like an Oxford English Professor. You two should have a detective sitcom.” Enamoured with this idea, I email Jamie the following day and he agrees to try to write something, ‘more out of sheer bafflement than anything else’. And so ‘The Oxford Dons’ was born. I play Don Johnson, a blacklisted CIA agent, and Jamie is Donald Fox, Professor of 18th Century Albanian Poetry. Together, we would solve crimes. Full backstory and making of the film here. 


The radio show is even better. Done live at Space Studios, London Sept 2010.

“It was pure debauchery. Women dressed as men dressed as camels. Dentists laughing at all who weren’t dentists. And everyone was drinking this funny hot liquid that came in little paper bags.”


And an excerpt from Don Johnson’s autobiography, I Was A Sexed-Up West African Mercenary