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Live Reviews

Guided By Voices Live at The Paradise, Boston, MA  July 11, 2016
“The encores are IMMENSE. Coming back out and launching into “Shocker In Gloomtown,” it was as the crowd plugged into some magnificent power source, perpetually washing over with great waves of Joyous Rock ‘N’ Roll—the feeling was enormous, everyone pushing their way up front. Even the atmosphere seemed to change. There was no discernible difference between what was happening on the stage and the GBV of 20 years ago…Then ending on “the only song worthy of a cover,” and let me tell you, Robert Pollard singing The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly” makes so much sense it’s frightening. And amazing. And life-affirming. As was the gig. Go see them. ”

Super Furry Animals Live at The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA  July 24, 2016
“And now one side of the sign in his hands says ‘BING’, and when flipped its reverse reads ‘BONG’. This is by way of heralding the Super Furries’ first new single in seven years, their anthem for this year’s European Championship. Recalling his antics during the opening number, Gruff explains, “It’s based on an old Welsh language folk idiom we’ve appropriated into a pop song. What also differentiates it from folk music is I’m going to attempt to sing it through my right eye. I hope I have your support. Over the years I’d tried various orifices. I’ve always found the mouth to be the most successful. Though I’m going to try out my left eye tonight too.” Referring to his gigantic helmet which he now dons, “I wear protective gear for your safety.””

Robyn Hitchcock Live at The Iron Horse, Northampton, MA  March 22, 2016
“This evening Mr. Hitchcock played not a single one of my (many) favorite songs of his. It did not matter in the slightest. The gig was excellent. Possibly even because of this, in that the way the set developed and unfolded kept one in a constant state of wonder and appreciation. The man has so many songs, letting him reintroduce you to those you may have forgotten was a real treat. For the record, shows the previous gig in Delaware having contained three of my favorites—”52 Stations,” “Madonna of the Wasps,” and “San Francisco Patrol.” But I wouldn’t have changed a thing about tonight’s show.”

An Evening with Greg Dulli Live at The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA  March 10, 2016

“This is followed by “So Tight,” the first song off his 2005 solo effort. “Ten years ago I put out Amber Headlights and then never played any of the songs on it,” he shrugs, “cause I was waiting for tonight.” Then it’s the Whigs’ “Can Rova” before an ecstatic version of “Summer’s Kiss.” The band stretch out the opening of this Black Love favorite, clearly enjoying themselves. Dulli, as is his wont, jokingly sings the opening of The Beatles’ “Yesterday” then he’s bent down by his mic stand taking it all in as the audience continues a wild prolonged cheer. There is palpable joy in the room as everyone is shouting along to what is truly one of the finest rock n roll love songs.”

Def Leppard at The Joint, Las Vegas  April 3, 2013
“Walking out of the venue was simply euphoric, having been filled with a sense of how the band was linked from an early age with one’s love of music and how inseparable that is from one’s life. From ‘Rock Of Ages’ and ‘Photograph’ being all over the early days of the novelty that was MTV to one’s first love running one’s heart around through all seven singles off Hysteria. And realizing how much even after 30 years I and everyone else exiting The Joint still very much love listening to this band. As Joe Elliott says in the intermission film, “the key factor to Def Leppard’s success is the fact that we’ve always really concentrated on making great songs”. And tonight we got two-and-a-half hours of them.”

The Afghan Whigs  Live at Koko, London  August 19, 2012
“Any issues with the sound or Greg’s unusual reticence were quickly forgotten with the encore, where he even announced he wouldn’t be saying anything inbetween the tunes. There was no need to as they launched into the last three songs from one of the best albums ever made, Black Love. A superb ‘Bulletproof’ was peppered with The Supremes’ ‘Baby Love’ (still pulling out the old snippets of covers throughout the night, as earlier ‘You My Flower’ included part of Radiohead’s ‘Sail To The Moon’). ‘Summer’s Kiss’ frantically threw itself into transcendence before Greg sang the gospel classic ‘People Get Ready’ over the intro to ‘Faded’. This exquisite rendering of the perfect closing number was made all the more stunning by segueing into ‘Purple Rain’ for its final bars. In this nearly two-hour set the Whigs were every bit as good as you remember them being. A slight shame that sub par sound didn’t allow them to fully prove it.”

F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.M.A.G.I.C. – Pulp at Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London  July 3, 2011
“In many ways it made sense to see Blur, with their art-school leanings and quirky British songs, and Suede, with their highly-stylized sense of melodrama, in those intimate venues years ago. But it felt RIGHT to see Pulp for this first time in this setting. A festival with thousands of adoring fans going mad. For it was, and they are, a celebration, not just of their success – hard-fought, hard-won, and enormously deserved – but of Life, and EVERYTHING it has to offer.”