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H Bird

H Bird – Operation: Fascination. Released January 11, 2011


“If Dusty Springfield were alive today and obsessed with quiet electronics, then she might sound a little like H Bird. Conceived by pop aficionado Aug Stone and voiced by Scarlet’s Well keyboard player Kate, H Bird are equal parts St Etienne, Lucky Soul, and perfect heartbreak.” – How Does It Feel To Be Loved? 

“…filled with bitter sweet, perfect pop tunes of the kind that haven’t been heard since the likes of St. Etienne graced the stage. And it’s music that is deserving of your time, an album whose subtleties and eloquence are revealed more fully if it’s given your full attention. Pour a Martini, don a smoking jacket (or a cat suit, possibly both) and experience the literate bitter sweet pop that is ‘Operation Fascination’.” – Von Pip Musical Express 

“…to put it simply this single is perfect, one of those songs which you simply couldn’t improve if you tried. It’s beautiful pop music, beautifully written and beautifully sung. It’s a warm feeling in your heart. It’s achingly sweet without being nauseating or saccharine and from the second that piano riff hits you and the words “Your eyes meet mine…” coyly fall into view you’ll be hooked and pretty much a sitting duck to the drums and killer keyboard line.” – Pow Pow Pow 

“‘Operation: Fascination’ is a wonderful epitaph to a short-lived band that sparkled briefly, yet brightly.” – PennyBlackMusic 

“At its best, it’s very good indeed – witness the delightful Spector-ish Northern Soul of ‘1000 Lights’, or the perky synth-pop of ‘Violet’, which hides an achingly wistful chorus, effortlessly ticking that happy-sad perfect pop box that the likes of Dusty and the Pet Shop Boys have understood all too well.” – CMU


Fancy Cover EP

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